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Pray for, Walk with, and Prepare the Way

Become a blessing for those called to a religious vocation.

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Serra is a global Catholic network of men and women who come together to support the formation and vocation of Catholic priests and women religious, ensuring the Church we pass to the next generation is even stronger than the Church given to us.


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Cardinal Thomas Collins

"The Serra Club's encouragement of a culture of vocations is enormously important for the work and the mission of the Church."

Cardinal Thomas Collins, Episcopal Moderator of Serra International, Archbishop of Toronto

Pope Francis

"To be friends to priests, sustaining their vocation and accompanying them in their ministry: with this great gift you enrich the Church! This is, above all else, what a Serran is — a 'special friend' whom the Lord has brought into the lives of seminarians and priests. Friends who can offer priests support and regard their generous efforts and human failings with understanding and tender love. The Church and priestly vocations need you.”

Pope Francis: From his audience address to Serrans attending the 75th International Convention, Rome, June 23, 2017

Greg Schwietz

"I joined Serra as a young man for two reasons: 1) I liked the intergenerational community of active Catholic men and women, and 2) I liked Serra’s mission, serving the Church by fostering and affirming vocations. Serrans are prayerful, faithful, and action oriented. We are true friends to priests, religious and seminarians."

Greg Schwietz, Vice President, Serra International, Past President, Serra's United States Council